2nd floor addition in Lexington

We are working on a second story addition in Lexington.  We removed the rear half of the second floor becuase the existing ceiling height was only 5’11”.  The customer bought the home and planned on converting one of the six bedrooms into a master bath, laundry room and master closet.  Once they understood they didn’t have the ceiling height to do the project they hired us to rebuild the second story in order to bring their plans to fruition.

We started by demolishing the rear half of the second floor as well as a few other areas in the house that we will be improving (1st floor kitchen, entrance way, etc.).  Once the debris was removed from the site the framing began.  First the exterior walls and then the roof.  We also took down the ceilings on the other half of the second floor in order to properly insulate the entire roof with R38 closed cell spray foam.  Typically roof rafters would need to be 2×12 to fit an R38 but with closed cell spray foam, less room is needed.   We found there to be wet and moldy sheathing under the front roof so we will be reroofing that area and replacing sheathing where necessary.

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