Allan Block Wall Construction, Lexington

Once the massive tree was removed we were able to dig our trench. The trench will be 70 feet long and 5 feet deep to accommodate for the wall block and back fill. Because this is a larger wall (6′ high) we’ll be using geo grid to reinforce the soil.

Once the trench is dug out, we rake out the remaining soil, compact it, lay 6″ of 3/4″ stone (as AB specifications dictate) and run our first string line. About 10 feet of the first course of block our laid. The level is set on each block to ensure the base course is perfectly straight and level, this will make constructing the rest of the courses a synch.

The first course of block is set 6″ under ground. We fill the blocks with 3/4″ stone and back fill 12″ with the stone as well. We compact the first course of 3/4″ stone, back fill with soil and lay our first sheet of geo grid (each subsequent grid will be laid every two courses).

We’ll lay all future sheets of geo grid every two courses as AB specs dictate.

Beginning of Allan Block Europa retaining wall construction. Geo grid being used every two courses.

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