Basement finishing in Cambridge

Over the next few weeks we’ll be transforming this 120 year old basement with dirt floor and tree trunks as support columns into a finished workspace for a hydroponics professional. The existing floor to ceiling height varies from between 5’8 to 6’2″. We’re going to be pouring a concrete floor so will take the soil down by at least one foot. We’ll start by repointing all of the foundation joints to strengthen the structure and help keep water out. We’ll install a interior perimeter ‘french’ drain that will direct any water that does come in into a new sump pump.

The area is too narrow to bring in a concrete truck. The men have agreed to mix the concrete by hand. We’ve had 7 pallets of concrete brought in and mixing has begun…

Concrete floor has been poured and finished. Six old wood windows are removed and replaced with new vinyl windows.

Metal studs are installed, secured to concrete floor. Rigid insulation board with reflective finish installed per customer request.

Main sewer line moved to make room for new utility sink and workbench.

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