Basement finishing in Lexington

We’re taking a basement of a Cape house built in 1960 and completely gutting it.  The house was originally built with an attached garage.  In the 70s the garage was closed up (cinder block wall constructed to close up garage door opening – garage door was left hanging inside) and backfill placed 3′ below the main beam.  The back of the garage has a bulkhead opening with a standard size door.  The rest of the basement has a laundry room, half bath (unfinished, concrete walls) and a living room (paneling, linoleum tiles).

We begin by gutting the basement which involves taking down the paneling, garage door, ceilings in all rooms made of wire mesh and plaster.  The gut takes just over one day for our three men.

Once the gut is complete we start demoing the concrete floor in the garage room.  We need to take the floor down so that our future floor to height measurements meet the minimum code requirements.  We will also be cutting a 12″ wide channel throughout the rest of the basement to install a french drain that will direct water to a new sump pump we’ll be installing which will direct the water into a drywell we’ll be installing at the exterior of the home.

We will also demo the bathroom floor so that new plumbing can be installed in the ground.

We’ll start this project with concrete walls and floor joists and little else.  Follow along as we transform this Lexington basement into a cheerful living space for a great family!!!

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