Pennsylvania Fieldstone wall and irregular bluestone walkway, Belmont

July 10th, 2013

We just completed a small project in Belmont. We enhanced the front yard by removing old railroad ties and laying a thin fieldstone wall around the front yard perimeter. To complement the browns and yellows in the pennsylvania fieldstone we laid a solid 7″ high natural cleft bluestone step and natural cleft irregular bluestone flagging atop stone dust. The front yard went from drab to spectacular in 3 days.




Basement Renovation

June 11th, 2013

We’re renovating an old basement.  We removed several damaged beams and replaced them with new LVL beams and reduced the number of support posts as well.  The basement was small and partitioned.  Once we’re done with our work it will be an open space with high end finishes.  We started by repointing all of the foundation’s mortar joints, then we coated the foundation walls with a thick waterproofing membrane, then we began framing and rough electrical and plumbing.  We’ll be installing a bar with sink but no bathroom.

Basement before renovation

Gut renovation of 2 family

April 3rd, 2013

We took this run down, uninhabitable 2 family house and transformed it into two 3 bedroom, 2 bath town home style condominiums.  In three months, this turn of the century residence became an energy efficient, open feel, quality finished condominium with bonus office space.

After taking the interior down to its studs we installed all new electrical and plumbing (even a new water main line from the city street and new electric service).  We installed a brand new gas fueled forced hot air system with air conditioning.  Then we sprayed open cell foam along all exterior walls and rim joists.  This is a townhouse style property so we were sure to apply a sound and fire barrier to the center wall shared by both units.

We applied great time and creativity to our finishes.  You’ll see granite counters and bathroom floor, marble vanity countertops and tile baths on both floors.  The kitchen and dining areas have bamboo flooring (known as the hardest and most durable wood flooring option).

The other rooms have the original wide pine flooring most likely sawn from trees on the property.  They had layers of paint and carpet flue and linoleum and what not on them.  They are beautiful and we love them!

Chimney Rebuilding – Arlington, MA

November 21st, 2012

After installing the roof and gutters for our customers in Arlington, they hired us to repair their chimney.  The top 12 courses were loose (mortar had deteriorated) so we needed to rebuild from the roofline up.  We installed new lead counter flashing set in mortar joints, rebuilt using existing brick, extended the two ceramic flues and installed a mortar crown.  These new home owners can feel confident that they have another 20 plus worry free years with respect to the exterior of their home.

Finish Carpentry – cabinet installation, casings and appliances

November 21st, 2012

We’re finishing up at our big remodel project in Lexington.  The cabinets are installed, the window casings and baseboards have been secured into place and the three bathrooms tiled.  The new oak floors are being sealed over this Thanksgiving weekend.  The customers will be moving into their ‘new’ home next week, just shy of 3 months since project commencement (this was a $200k project so we’re proud to have completed their project on time)!

Roof, Gutters and Gutter Guards in Arlington

October 27th, 2012

We replaced an old shingle roof with new architectural shingles over standard 3′ of ice shield and synthetic underlayment.  We installed new aluminum seamless gutters throughout and the Leaf Relief gutter cover for a maintenance free gutter solution.

Fieldstone retaining wall in Newton

October 9th, 2012

We just completed reconstruction of a fieldstone retaining wall in Newton.  Customer is very happy and as a result, so are we!


New Addition in Lexington

October 9th, 2012

Our 2nd story renovation has become a full house renovation.  Our customers decided during demolition that they wanted to renovate the rest of the home.  During 2nd floor demolition some shoddy plumbing was discovered so the home’s 1st floor bath needs to be brought up to code.  As a result the customer decided to have the first floor bathroom moved to create larger space for the kitchen.  The home’s layout has changed significantly.  It has gone from a 6 bedroom home with kitchen and living room to a 4 bedroom 3 full bath home with den, large kitchen with bay window, living room and laundry room.  We’re all getting excited to see things moving along.

Interlocking block wall rebuild

September 18th, 2012

Our customers purchased this home several years ago understanding they would have to rebuild their front hardscape due to poor workmanship by previous owners.  As the saying goes ‘preparation is everything’ and it’s the truth.  The previous owners and their ‘landscaper’ neighbor build their hardscape without creating a proper footing.  This resulted in a sunken (and unattractive) wall.  Our customer has told us that their neighbors are already thanking them for having their front yard hardscape rebuilt.  And we’re happy to do it!

Stripped Roof installation – Waltham

September 18th, 2012

We stripped this roof and installed 6′ of ice & water shield because of it’s low slope, installed Typar Surround synthetic underlayment throughout the remainder of the roof, covered the vents with boot pipes and installed Certainteed Landmark 30 year architectural shingles and a COBRA ridge vent.  We took a look under the vinyl soffit panels to see if there were any vents (the soffit panels had holes in them so one would have thought the soffit had venting holes) and there were NOT.  This poor house had no attic ventilation.  For a few more dollars the customer had us drill some holes in the soffits and then put the vinyl panels back on.  Now the ridge vent and the soffit vents will work together to circulate air through this attic.