Concrete driveway poured in Watertown, MA

After excavation of the old driveway and forming for the new driveway, we had our concrete pour.  Graziano sent us two trucks each with 7 yards of concrete.  The first arrived at around 9am.  We gave the driver our one bag of color to be mixed in with the ready mix and after mixing for 10 minutes we were ready to begin our pour.  Jackie and Danny did a great job managing the pour and by 12pm were applying their broom finish.

The customer made sure to water their pad everyday to keep it from drying too quickly and we were back on Thursday to remove the forms and make our control joints.  The customer chose to have us cut our joints at every 5′ which ended in a very nice looking driveway.

Thursday and Friday we laid our cobble apron and border.

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