Foundation and Drainage Solutions

Foundation Repairs and Drainage Solutions

New England winters can do damage to concrete and stone foundations. With the heavy and frequent rains of 2009, existing cracks that didn’t seem to concern us so much have turned into a passageway for water to seep into our basements causing trapped moisture, damage to walls and floors, and over time may become hazardous to our health. Your foundation’s strength is of primary importance in keeping your home safe and intact. A damaged and weakened foundation can cause damage to walls and floors above. Manageable Foundation repairs will prevent further damage to the entire home. And foundations with no apparent damage can be preserved and in turn can prevent the need for costly repairs in the future.

Our drainage and waterproofing services include:

    • Drywell installation
    • French drains
    • Sump pump installation
    • Foundation repair
    • Foundation waterproofing – exterior
    • Foundation waterproofing – interior
    • Foundation crack repairs
    • Window wells

Driveway drainage – regrading, grates and channels

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