Exterior drainage, regrading, bluestone patio installation

Today Eric and Luis started working on a new project. They’ll be installing a trench drain around a residence in the cedarwood neighborhood of Waltham. Then they’ll enlarge the existing drywell in the driveway, making it 6′ wide, 5′ deep. They’ll install new bluestone steps, a small walk, and a 280 s/f bluestone patio (set in stone dust).

10/25 – Luis dug a 60 foot trench along the right side of the house – the house is only 3′ from the property line which is fenced so the digging had to be done manually. Eric used a trench digger to create a 100 foot trench extending from future patio in the back yard to the front yard. They’ll install 4″ perforated PVC lined in fabric and surrounded by 3/4″ stone in the trenches. As the trench passes the front of the house they’ll use 4″ solid PVC. With this project we’ve decided to have the pipe outlets above grade.

10/26 – Finished up digging, laid the pipe (perforated until reaching the front of the house then solid) along the right side of the house, filled the trenches with 3/4″ stone up to 4″ from surface and backfilled with topsoil. The perforated pipe is covered with a fabric sleeve to prevent dirt and debris from entering and clogging the drainage system. Repaired some damaged sprinkler lines before filling the trench with stone.

10/28 and 10/29 – Moved tons (literally) of 3/4″ stone to back of house with wheel barrows. Lined left side of house (3′ wide section) with landscape fabric (over trench) and topped with 3/4″ stone for a maintenance free area. Took out existing patio pavers (concrete pavers 12″x12″x2″) and disposed of them. Cut a 6’x4′ section in the driveway and dug down about 2′ (we’ll be digging a total of 4-5′ deep). We directed two downspouts through our channels as well as a rain barrel overflow pipe. We also demoed the existing side steps and walkway that had been badly damaged from years of water problems – near these steps is a downspout that was directed to an old dry well we found and will be redirecting to our new channels.

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