Foundation repointing and new concrete floor

This 120 year old home in Cambridge’s central square neighborhood had an old dirt floor in half the basement and an old cracked concrete floor on the other half.  All of the masonry joints, both brick and fieldstone, had deteriorated into dust.  The house lacked proper structural support resulting in uneven floors on each of the three upper floors.

We came in and demolished the wood walls and ceiling cover resulting in one large 1500 s/f room.  We cleaned all of the masonry joints and repointed them with Type S masonry mix.  We removed the concrete floor and disposed of 7″ of sub floor (in this case sand).  The customer decided they wanted to enhance the foundation so we dug an additional channel along the interor perimeter and poured a 6″ slab of concrete over poly sheeting.  We then installed some additional temporary columns under the existing beams and dug for and poured 8 new 30″x30″x10″ footings.  New permanent columns went up about 4 days later.  The center of the building was not properly supported so an additional beam, a 9 1/2″ double LVL beam was installed and 5 additional footings and columns were installed.  We completed the project by compacting the floor, laying 3″ crushed stone and compacting that, laying 6 mil poly sheeting and pouring, by hand, 4″ concrete with wire mesh set 2″ below the top surface.

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