Mahogany and Cedar Deck Progress

Saturday the men installed the first ledger board. They removed some of the vinyl siding and the clapboard siding underneath it, installed ice & water shield against the original sheathing to prevent future water damage. They secured the first 2×10 ledger board against the existing beam with temporary fasteners ensuring the ledger board was perfectly level and precisely 1 1/4″ below the remaining siding to allow for the 1″ deck boards (5/4 x 6). They then installed aluminum flashing (much like drip edge) that they’d bent earlier in the morning in the garage secured to sheathing just over the ledger board with galvanized nails.

Friday 10/8 – After several rained out days we’re back to work. We installed the 4×6 support posts, bolted the ledger board to the main beam with 5″ lag bolts and installed the 2X10 floor joists every 16″. We moved onto another section of the deck, the side of the house. Here we’ll be lower than the beam so we’ll be attaching the ledger to the concrete foundation with 4″ sleeve anchors.

Thursday 10/14 – We installed some of the mahogany decking and are waiting for a shipment of 16′ boards to come in (it’s late in the season and very little inventory remains so we asked our supplier to order more larger boards). Because of the steepness of the grade and the fact that the customer did not want to have a set of wrap around steps installed, we dug out a bit of earth to accommodate for a couple of the lower steps. We’ll be introducing some trench drainage around the lower landing to direct the water away from the landing (read: ice). The 4″ perforated pipe that we will be installing will be lined in fabric and set behind a new stone retaining wall about 2 1/2″ high around the landing to keep the soil back.

Saturday 10/16 – The landing will be a thermal bluestone landing set in mortar over a 6″ bed of concrete. We poured the concrete today. The landing will be used to support the bottom of the wood steps as required by code along with using it as a footing for the mini retaining wall.

Monday 10/18 – The stair stringers were installed today. The 16′ mahogany boards were picked up on Saturday and were installed today as well. Eric worked on the stone wall retainer over the weekend and the concrete base (for the steps and bluestone landing). Today he finished setting the bluestone landing and installed drainage behind the stone walls to direct water from the steep slope away from the landing.

Tuesday 10/19 through Saturday 10/23 – Mahogany decking and railings and cedar panels and risers and trim were installed. We also replaced the railings on the back deck (not pictured here). The job should be finished on Monday – remaining is installing a gate at the back deck, the two center railings and the rest of the trim, and installation of a new storm door.

Update: Project Complete