Mahogany Deck and Steps, Waltham

This week we’re all working on the front landscape of a home in Waltham, MA. The house is situated only about 25 feet from the street but is about 12 feet from street level. The original steps were solid concrete. The original installers neglected to lay a deep enough solid foundation which has allowed the steps, over the years, to settle and pitch dangerously to one side. Our clients are parents of a little boy and are expecting another child this winter. Needless to say, they wanted a safer environment for their young family.

We’ve jackhammered the upper 12 steps and upper landing and disposed of the debris. We found a super size nest of sorts where the foundation should have been. I’m feeling a little sad for the family whose home we just destroyed.

Today the men are digging holes for the footings. The inspector is due to come by tomorrow afternoon to give us the green light on pouring the footings.

Updated: Footings are being poured as we go… See Mahogany Deck Progress for further updates

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