Masonry Plastering of foundation walls

Since the new finish grade is three feet lower than it used to be, the concrete foundation walls need a face lift. The poured concrete wall has form and air marks. We’ll chip away the mortar veneer that was initially applied above grade, clean all of the newly exposed area and apply Silpro’s Weld-o-Bond to the surface. This milky substance helps the new mortar bond to the old concrete foundation. We’ll use ProMasonry’s Type S Mortar. We like this product because it’s easy to work with and it leaves a nice color – a few shades darker than Quikrete’s mortar mix. We needed to build out the sections of the walls that were cut for the french door – the company we hired (name not to be mentioned) made nice smooth cuts but they were not plum. We secured diamond lathe to the opening walls with 1 1/4″ Tapcon (concrete) screws and proceeded to apply a thick coat of mortar to build the walls out to plum status.

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