Roof installation – Waltham

We’ve been hired to reinstall a roof and gutters at an existing customer of ours in Waltham.  We’re installing energy efficient Solaris shingles by Certainteed.  The aluminum gutters come from Harvey Industries and the gutter guards are Ply Gem’s Leaf Relief system.  This is a medium pitched roof so we decided to install ice & water barrier from eave up 6′ rather than the typical 3′.

The customer also asked us to check out the insulation in the attic because they have problems controlling temperatures inside.  We saw that there was fiberglass insulation between all the rafters but very little ventilation.  Installing a ridge vent wasn’t enough – we needed to create a way for air to travel from the soffits to the roof’s peak.  Existing soffit vents were useless since the insulation prevented the air from flowing so we installed proper vents between each of the rafters.

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