Two story deck, Medford

Today Marvin and Alex started a new project in Medford. They’ll be demolishing a deteriorated two story deck in Medford and installing a new one in its place. This morning they worked on setting up temporary structural support of the deck’s roof since that is not being rebuilt. They did this by installing 2x12s vertically (and notching the upper ends). 16 footers weren’t long enough so they sistered shorter sections together.

11/3 – Five days in and new footings have been poured, 1st level framing and decking installed. First level structural posts to be installed today.

11/12 – A few rained out days and we’re back to work. Framing is complete and floor decking is installed. Next we’ll install posts and handrails on the second floor deck and DrySnap under the second floor deck.

11/18 – Decking, railings and posts have been installed. Lattice, trim and DrySnap rain capture system being installed.

Lattice and PVC trim being installed. DrySnap under deck rain capture system being installed.

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