Floor Refinishing, Waltham

The men are refinishing white oak floors at our customer in Waltham.  They helped the customer move their belongings from the first floor to the upstairs bedrooms.  They sealed off the areas not to be finished to hold back dust. 

First they sanded and buffed the floor surfaces, let the dust settle and then proceeded to clean all of the walls, trim, fixtures, etc. of dust, then applied a coat of wood floor sealer. 

The following day the floors were buffed again, another thorough cleanup of dust and the first coat of polyurethane was applied.

On day 3 the men went back to fill all the holes in floors (from prior carpeting) and then lightly sanded/buffed the floors in preparation for a final coat of polyurethane. The following day all surfaces were cleaned of all dust and the final coat of polyurethane was applied. We don’t cut corners and our results are guaranteed dust free.

We had the ideal scenario of four days to complete this job as the customer was away on vacation. We are able to refinish floors in two days but the ideal is to have 3-4 days so that each coat can harden thoroughly.

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